1. Our Why

We bring value
into people's

We understand that our senses are connected to the spaces we frequent. Our goal is to help you, your family, your employees, and the greater public feel safe and welcome in those spaces.

02. Our How

By supplying innovative products and services to businesses, homes & communities

In a world where we are fighting a battle against bacteria and viruses that are more resistant than ever before, the need for new technology to make our businesses, homes, and communities safer, has never been greater.

03. Our What

To create safe &
welcoming environments

From offices to homes, shops to yoga studios. We ensure that daily comings and goings, for everyone, are a more relaxed and rewarding experience. Remember to look for our Pure Zone stickers.

04. Our When

How we do it

Our process-driven approach follows a logical path to ensure that the specific needs of our clients are first-and-foremost on our list of priorities.

You identify a need to create value for yourself and others in your spaces, and you contact us.
Step 01
We send a PZS representative for a one-on-one consult with you at your premises to assess your needs.
Step 02
We tailor your proposal within 48 hours. You accept and our solution for you is set in motion.
Step 03
We arrive and get to work. Installation takes place and we ensure you're 100% happy.
Step 04
You share your investment with your employees, family, and customers.
Step 05